It’s been a year since the launch of Backed By Women

It’s been a year since the launch of Backed By Women. What a year it has been. I’ve been through so much this year. It has been a year of being Backed by Women at every turn. Here are the top 7:

  1. Risk:

Launching a business born out of a deep longing to pay it forward, the abundance of love poured into my life. I have been blessed to have more women in my life to call sisters. I would not be the woman I am today without the connection, support and backing of all the women in my life.

This platform is to provide a place where women around the world, all stages of womanhood can come to get connected to not only survive, but also thrive together through coaching, teaching and community. This is where women are backed by women who have walked in the same path and have wisdom, insight and love to share. A risk on my behalf in offering the greatest gift as women, guideposts and sisterhood among the process of becoming, woman.

  1. Remembering:

Through this year, I had to remember to love myself on those cold dark days where it was just me and all the women in my heart reminding me that I’m worth loving. That I’m the one that needs to love herself more. Such a hard thing to hear and to do… and yet, my life isn’t the same without it. Those voices heard in my heart to take care of myself, to love myself enough. I have women like:

  • Marla: Stay true to yourself!
  • Emma: You have a lot of love to give!
  • Dieniz: Let’s partner and do this together!
  • Becky: We learn and grow in connection!
  • Taisha: Stay connected!

So many others who have partnered with me and are dreaming with me.


  1. Rejection:

Nothing is worth anything than the risk to having it. Sometimes you face the response of a no. Feel all there is to feel. And realize that something may not be for you. It’s all a blessing in disguise. As Rev Jo says, “Rejection is God’s protection.” The thing I’m learning is to stay open in the midst of the no because you get to see what else is available, the blessings that you can have.


  1. Resigned:

I resigned as a leader in education. I’ve never quit anything in a formal capacity. Never. I’m the one that sees it through, to the end. I broke a rule. I broke a pattern of being. I can say that there is freedom on this side of knowing. My body and my health cannot be sacrificed for anything or anyone any longer. I am now resigned to living a life that is good to my body, my health and my soul.


  1. Relationships:

I’ve learned it feels better to do the thing that is true to who you are. For some people, fighting feels so good. For me, fighting is the antithesis of feeling good. I think it’s because I’m a gentle yet fierce creature. It’s my job to teach others how to be in relationship with me. It’s been eye opening on how much more I can open when I people know this about me!


  1. Relocating

I’ve relocated home. Home is where I feel good. It’s not where I have to work or because my family is there. Home is where I come to heal, rest, come alive, and get nourished. After 13 years of living in NYC, I’ve come to terms that I need a slower and gentler pace to feel good. I’ve relocated to northern California, in a valley between mountains with rivers that run through it. Living here, I’m firmly reminded that relocating to where it feels good was the best decision I’ve made in my life.


  1. Restoration

4 months before relocating, I had been run down with some sort of flu after flu. Doctor after doctor said each time that I hadn’t rested enough and got sick, again. Month after month, struggling to rest, struggling to work, struggling to exist. I spent 3 weeks sleeping, eating and hydrating. Moved to northern California and rested some more. Living from a place of rest. My health in 2 weeks of moving, dramatically changed. I no longer had the flu. I no longer need thyroid medicine. I feel so much better!!!


None of this is possible without the women in my life supporting me from risk to reward, from suffering to restoration. I used to live life having to line all my ducks in a row to feel like I’m safe. Those ducks were my safety net and I did it by myself. I’ve come to a deep realization that the safety net isn’t ME or any ducks! My safety net are the women who support me with deep connection, telling the truth, sharing the overflow of love and a whole lot of fun.  This is my hope for all of us at Backed By Women and all of us on the path of becoming women, one day at a time.


A moment of gratitude for those of you supporting me, us, this endeavor to change the tide on how we relate as women. Thank you for your support, your love, your attention. We aren’t connected here by mistake. There is something true, undeniable, and important here. Thank you for recognizing us and sharing your likes and posts. Keepem’ comin’! We have more comin’!