Who We Are?

I’m paying it forward, the abundance of love poured into my life. At age 8, a critical time when 8 year olds need a mother, mine was forever changed from one form to another. In that place where I had no idea what it was to become a woman, God provided women to love me, show me, and walk with me. Even to this day, I have been blessed to have more women in my life to call sisters. I would not be the woman I am today without the connection, support and backing of all the women in my life.

This platform is to provide a place where women around the world, all stages of womanhood can come to get connected to not only survive, but also thrive together through connection, coaching, teaching and community. This is where women are backed by women who have walked in the same path and have wisdom, insight and love to share. These women have done the work to free themselves to free other women to embrace their best selves and live from a place of love.