Have the relationship you want, the intimacy and the sex you want. We can back you as you uncover your feminine power.


I’m Lissa, a guide for women who have it all on paper but still feel empty on the inside. You know more is possible, you have a hunger and thirst but can’t quench it and have no idea how to access your desire. My clients often find me during a major transition in their life such a significant loss (loss of a loved one through death or divorce/separation) or traumatic event where they hit a bottom of “nothing is working” and “something’s got to give.” Through certified coaching and my experience as a Trauma nurse, I provide the conditions that help women feel safe to fully explore their pain, fears and desires. I guide women in taking down the walls she has built, revealing her true essence. As an OMLife Coach and certified OM Trainer I am deeply rooted into the desires of my clients and hold the vision of freedom with fierce love, attention and approval.

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Do you long to be deeply connected and free in your feminine expression? A woman who has a deep sense of loving, nurture, generosity, boundlessness, and love. She is sensual, caring and she longs for deeper connection, sexual fulfillment and wants to be nourished. She loves to explore her sexuality and how it alchemizes in her body. I can bring women back to their own permission to be dark, powerful and free, to explore who she really is and how to reconect with their own femininity. I use my own experience as a woman who has met her traumas and darkness, the voice that tells us that we are too much. As a bodyworker, dancer and OMlife Coach, I create a safe space for you to reconnect with your deep feminine power. If you think you don’t deserve to be everything you feel inside, I will hold the space for you to explore your own ‘yes’ to your femininity.

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I’m Dieniz, a sacred life coach who helps her clients clear subconscious blocks limiting them from having their desires. I specialize in healing trauma and helping clients achieve maximum self expression.

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I’m Emma and I’m a desire-based dating and relationship coach. This means that I coach women to have the kind of relationship that we deeply desire but often fear isn’t possible. I started to engage deeply with the nature of Desire, as found in both Men and Women, through the practice and philosophy of Orgasmic Meditation. Slowly but surely I uncovered the fear-based patterns that were keeping me stuck and began to change them. Even better than that I got in touch with my true desire and my femininity and began to find ways to honour both in relationship. I want to help women manifest their deepest desires in relationship. I want to work with you so that you are utterly confident of your value and beauty both inside and out. To help you magnetize the man/woman you desire by standing in your true feminine power. To have all the love you want whilst also retaining your freedom and individuality.

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I’m Brenda and I work with moms who have forgotten that they are women. Moms who want their sexy back. Moms who want to live authentically, want more freedom and are craving sex that touches their souls. I know what it’s like to feel like you are living a lie. I know what it’s like to hear the whispers of desire and be so scared that your desire will ruin everything, that you can’t have it or that you have no idea how to have it. I have experienced it all. Your desire is the key to your true self and I am a skilled guide to helping you unlock it. I also utilize my 22 years as a public school educator to support moms with their parenting.

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I am a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). I am delighted to introduce people to the practice of NVC to break through their communication challenges and have greater connection, understanding and harmony in their relationships. In my coaching practice, I use master level empathy skills to support clients in having powerful shifts from reactive judgment and criticism to compassionate response and healing. I have been studying and practicing NVC since 2011 and have served on the staff of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication as an Executive Council member, Workshop Facilitator and Coordinator since 2012. My background includes CIS, creative arts, project management, leadership and public speaking and I am also a Yoga and meditation teacher.

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