Do you long to be deeply connected and free in your feminine expression? A woman who has a deep sense of loving, nurture, generosity, boundlessness, and love. She is sensual, caring and she longs for deeper connection, sexual fulfillment and wants to be nourished. She loves to explore her sexuality and how it alchemizes in her body. I can bring women back to their own permission to be dark, powerful and free, to explore who she really is and how to reconect with their own femininity. I use my own experience as a woman who has met her traumas and darkness, the voice that tells us that we are too much. As a bodyworker, dancer and OMlife Coach, I create a safe space for you to reconnect with your deep feminine power. If you think you don’t deserve to be everything you feel inside, I will hold the space for you to explore your own ‘yes’ to your femininity.