Feminine Fun & Freedom

There is a strong current of energy that circulates internally and magnifies within a space of women who are unapologetically living from the core of their being. We amplify each other when we feel safe to express ourselves through our heart, our soul, our dance. We give ourselves and each other an allowance of beauty to just be. There is no room for self doubt here. We know true power when we thrive in unity and connection. It’s in this sacred space, we get free.

Join us women from for our very first Feminine Fun and Freedom Gathering, a full night and day celebration to bring out and reveal who you are, who you really are.

Drop in and call forth your vulnerable essence, your powerful creative genius, your fierce beast, your inner sensual Goddess self! Connect and nurture your femininity and bring her out. All parts of you are welcome here!

Our event is located in a luxurious Silk temple in Marina Del ray, home to our beautiful host Alorah Inanna, Goddess of Wildness and Permission. She will be engaging with every single Goddess, bringing you into the divine and spiritual experience of being wrapped in beautiful silk where you feel love in every tuck. We will then have a women circle for story telling and shares facilitated by Values & Embodiment Coach, Tiffany Lin. Followed by a grounding cacao ceremony and sound healing led by shamanic healer Dr. Marie Mbouni.

At night, we sleep and dream in connection on silk bedding sheets. With healthy breakfast options, we open the day to wind dancing by the beach. Alorah will be recording and photographing the whole experience and sharing the photos as a celebratory remembrance of you in your element.

As we learn experientially what surrender means, see yourself blossom from night and into the day. Let go of who you thought you had to be and transform into who you truly are.

Info About our Facilitators
We are 3 generations. 3 races. 3 cultures. Here to serve love and dive deep into uncovering what the Feminine really is.

Alorah Inanna
Discovering language before sexual shame, and with nearly 30 years of experience embodying the Deep Divine Feminine, Alorah Inanna’s presence alone gives permission for play and wildness to come through. Known for her Authenticity, Sensuality & Radical Wisdom, Alorah call us “Out of our Story and Into our Glory”, inspiring us to be Expressive and Free!

Goddess of Wildness and Permission
IG: @alorahinanna

Dr. Marie Mbouni
Dr. Marie Mbouni’s experience is integrated as they come. As a Practicing Medical Doctor, Full Spectrum Healer, Womb Wisdom Alchemist, Cosmic Tantram Sound, Shamanic, and Energy Medicine, Ceremonialist (imagine saying that in an interview…) All these techniques help her share her Medicine which is LOVE. She offers transformational experiences for change makers and leaders wanting to step into their power and purpose.

Founder at Remembering Love: Conscoiusness, Sexuality, Sovereignty, Success
IG: @dr.mariembouni

Tiffany Lin
Tiffany is a traveling Embodiment and Empowerment Coach who’s purpose is to change the culture of how we connect and relate with our body and to each other. Founder of reMINDmeValues, intuitive healer, Orgasmic Meditation Trainer, and writer, her pursuit of living a feminine life is inspired by the amazing people she meets along her journey. She coaches women to live and freely express themselves through words and action.

Founder of reMINDmeValues
View at Medium.com
IG: @remindmevalues @tifflin123

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Ticket Price Includes:
– Silk dress with custom wrapping and blessing
– Cacao Ceremony
– Sound Healing
– Coaching Circle
– Custom set of reMINDmebands
– Overnight lodging (silk sheets)
– Healthy Breakfast
– Wind Dancing at the beach with personal shots/professional photography
– Sisterhood + Connection